Bruno VPL-3300B Enclosure
Commercial Vertical Platform Lift

Bruno VPL-3300B Enclosure
Commercial VPL

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Lightweight and easy to install, Bruno’s Enclosure vertical platform lift is self-contained and needs no hoistway or shaftway. With full-size Plexiglas door and panel inserts, the Enclosure VPL wheelchair lift is an attractive choice for ADA compliance. Made-in-America.

Enclosure VPL Features
  • Access up to 14'
  • 750 lb (340 kg) lifting capacity
  • Reliable, quiet ACME screw-driven DC motor with continuous charge battery operation
  • Weather-protected controls and powder-coated paint
  • Keyed, constant pressure platform controls with emergency stop switch and audio/visual alarm
  • Bottom platform safety panel
  • Top/bottom limit switches; upper/lower final limit safety switches
  • Fixed ramp
  • Clear Plexiglas
  • 42" (1067 mm) high, solid, side platform walls
  • 36" x 54" (914 mm x 1372 mm) non-skid platform
  • Power system models VPL-3353B, VPL-3375B: 1/2 hp DC motor (includes 17AH batteries)
    VPL-3310B, VPL-3312B, VPL-3314B: 1 hp DC motor (includes 34AH batteries)
  • Gold Warranty: Two years on major components; one year on parts
Available Options
  • Top landing gate includes call/send controls with key and mechanical interlock or electrical strike interlock (ESI)
  • Cold weather package recommended if operating in temps below 20oF (-7oC)
  • Several platform sizes and configurations
  • Bronze Plexiglas
  • Paddle controls on the platform
  • Paddle landing controls
  • Power assisted door/gate operator
  • ADA compliant telephone kit
ILS-01215: Straight through platform (4' & 6'), no pit
ILS-01216: Straight through platform (4' & 6'), pit
ILS-01241: 90° adjacent platform (4' & 6'), no pit
ILS-01242: 90° adjacent platform (4' & 6'), pit
ILS-01277: Straight through platform (10', 12' & 14'), no pit
ILS-01278: Straight through platform (10', 12' & 14'), pit
ILS-01289: Same side platform (10', 12' & 14'), no pit
ILS-01290: Same side platform (10', 12' & 14'), pit
ILS-01318: 90° adjacent platform (10', 12' & 14'), no pit
ILS-01319: 90° adjacent platform (10', 12' & 14'), pit
ILS-01194: Flush mount door detail (Aluminum with Plexiglas)
ILS-00938: Top landing gate detail
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