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Top Considerations When Shopping For Mobility Solutions

November 26, 2013

Mobility matters much more than most of us realize, and it's only when we find ourselves or a loved one facing difficulty getting around that we start understanding just how often our mobility is taken for granted. If this unfortunate situation is something you're facing, you'll find yourself with plenty of options and plenty of questions. Whether it's a simple outdoor ramp, a stairlift, a residential elevator, or something else entirely, there are a lot of choices to be made.

There are actually a few simple considerations that can help you make the right decision when looking for mobility solutions.

  • Mobility Issue – The handicap that one faces is the primary consideration that will have to be made. Specifically, the tool or device that they use to assist them will matter. For instance, those using walkers may be able to climb stairs with help from a handrail, but those in a wheelchair or electric mobility chair may require a stairlift or ramp to get where they need to be.
  • Environment – The environment is the other main factor to think about. If home is a three story house, for instance, the addition of a residential elevator may be the right call over trying to install a network of ramps – or even worse, plan a move from a beloved home. Taking a look at the environment is a must when shopping for mobility solutions.
  • Portability – If you or your loved one is on the go a lot, a portable ramp may be needed to go along with more permanent at-home fixtures.
  • Price and Quality – The final step is deciding what kind of budget and what kind of quality is to be settled on. A good balance between high quality and low price is important here. Spending too little may result in an inferior product, while spending too much is obviously something nobody wants to do.

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"The family is very happy and can’t believe what a difference it has made for the individual and all who help care for him. His mother even mentioned that she can do more with him now that she can get him down and to the car on her own. We appreciate Access Solutions working with families to offer much-needed equipment modifications at a price they and/or their waivers can afford."
- M.V., Norwalk, Ohio

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