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Keys to Saving Money on Mobility Solutions

November 14, 2013

You need a mobility solution to improve your ability to move around your house freely. But with so many mobility solutions available and practically unlimited options, it can be difficult to make a final decision. No matter what kind of mobility solution you are considering, whether you’re looking at residential elevators or simply a stairway chair lift, there are a handful of keys to finding a budget-friendly solution that works.

Consider your home

Are you moving to a new house or staying put? Is your house two stories or only one? How much room is available to work with? The answers to these questions might make one mobility solution advantageous over another. For instance, if you have an old home with minimal space, it might not be cost effective to consider residential elevators as a possibility—but a stairlift might be a great option.

Focus on your needs

When considering a stairway chair lift or a similar option, your first priority should be whatever you absolutely need in a given situation. Most types of mobility solutions have lots of customizability and optional features, but don’t lose sight of your core needs.

Shop around

Access Solutions has some of the lowest stairlift and stairway chair lift prices around, but looking at all our different options can help you find a solution that you may not have considered before. Don’t immediately rule out any possibilities.

Be flexible

If your primary goal is saving money, try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. Working with someone familiar with all kinds of mobility solutions can help you collaborate to find a perfect fitting solution for your budget and your needs.

Addressing these items can put you in a far better budgetary position and allow you to make a perfect decision for your home.

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"The family is very happy and can’t believe what a difference it has made for the individual and all who help care for him. His mother even mentioned that she can do more with him now that she can get him down and to the car on her own. We appreciate Access Solutions working with families to offer much-needed equipment modifications at a price they and/or their waivers can afford."
- M.V., Norwalk, Ohio

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